Recommendations for LDAP integration


This article includes SnapStream's best practices for LDAP integration. 


For integration with Active Directory:

  • The server should be added to your domain.

  • A username and password should be entered in the LDAP Integration section of the Security Settings menu in Enterprise TV. This is optional, but usually necessary.

  • The username entered in LDAP Integration must have permission to make queries on the properties of all users who will be granted access to the Enterprise TV Server.

  • Enterprise TV services should be configured to log in as the same user who is entered in LDAP Integration. See Configuring Services for guide data downloads and LDAP integrationfor instructions.
    For versions 4.9.1 and later, this can also be configured by running the Enterprise TV installer again without uninstalling first.

  • When a user attempts to log in, the username can usually be entered without domain information. For very large domains, it may be helpful to enter the username or domain\user.
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