Recommendations for using antivirus software with the SnapStream TV Server


Information about using antivirus software with the SnapStream TV Server. 


Antivirus software can be used with the SnapStream TV Server safely. There are no known unresolvable conflicts between major antivirus programs and Enterprise TV. Please see below for recommendations for best results when using antivirus software. SnapStream does not recommend any specific antivirus solution for use with Enterprise TV. 

On-access scanning
Many antivirus programs offer active or "on-access" scanning, which monitors all data written to the computer's hard drive for unauthorized activity. However, when a TV server is recording, data in some directories will change very rapidly, and if your antivirus software attempts to monitor these changes, performance slowdowns can result. 

To avoid this problem, the following directories on the SnapStream TV Server should be exempted from active or on-access scanning:

  • C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\SnapStream\Beyond TV
  • All storage drives, usually drives D-G

Please note that the Application Data directory can be included in periodic system scans which do not monitor activity in real time. The storage drives may also be included in system scans; however, please be aware that the size of the storage drives can increase the time required for a full-system scan dramatically. 

Proxy Servers
Some antivirus programs set up a local proxy server for internet security. Please see the article entitled Network configuration with the Enterprise TV Server for information on configuring your proxy server to allow Enterprise TV access to necessary ports on your network. 

Some antivirus proxy servers may not be compatible with Enterprise TV. In these cases, it may be necessary to disable the proxy server in order for your SnapStream TV Server to work properly. 

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