Analog to Digital Cable Changeover


Some cable companies have been converting analog cable channels to digital cable channels. This results in losing the ability to record these affected channels unless you use one of the cable company's DTA's. 


If you have an analog tuning server, you will need some equipment to accommodate this change. 

Equipment that you need: 



What is all of this stuff for?

An IR Blasting Kit from SnapStream: When you connect your tuner to a DTA, you will need to lock the tuner to the channel that the DTA is outputting the signal on. If you want to flip cable channels, the channel needs to change on the DTA and not the tuner. THe IR blasting equipment will allow your SnapStream Server to change the channels on your DTA's as necessary. 

DTA: This device converts the digital (QAM) channels into an analog (NTSC) signal that your tuner can record. A DTA and a digital cable box are very similar, but you will notice that DTA's only have a single RF (coaxial) output available to connect to your tuner/television. There will be a switch (channel 3 / channel 4) on the back of the DTA that will specify which analog channel the newly converted signal will be put on via the coax out port. 

Channel 4 Signal Combiner: This is necessary because the analog tuners that we use have a single coax input to feed every two tuners. This creates a problem when trying to connect two DTA's to a single coax port. To work around this you will need to set one DTA to output on channel 3 and another DTA to output on channel 4. 

You will then need to combine the coax feeds coming from each of these two DTA's so that you can feed it to the single port available to feed two tuners. The problem that arises is that channel 3 and 4 tend to interfere with each other, and results in a bad picture. The channel 4 signal combiner is what allows us to combine these two feeds into one without all of the interference.

So I have all of this stuff. How do I connect it?

Please see the following article on setting up these connections: Connecting 2 DTA's to a single RF Tuner Port

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    Begleiter, Ralph J.

    Could use a fuller description of the "IR Blasting Kit" - to answer the question whether this is software or hardware, whether it operates automatically, or requires user or manager intervention, whether it requires Snapstream personnel intervention, and why this is an "extra charge" item.

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