How to give each of your USB-UIRT's a different Name. 


USB-UIRT's all have a default name of USB-UIRT. In order for our software to be able to tell each USB-UIRT apart, you will need to give each one a unique name (USB-UIRT, USB-UIRT-2, USB-UIRT-3, etc...). This article will show you how to burn a unique name into each of your USB-UIRT's.

NOTE: If you purchased a SnapStream Server that came with IR blasting, this process has already been done for you.

    1. Label each of your USB-UIRT's. 


    1. Connect the USB-UIRT labeled "USB-UIRT-2" to an available USB port, and install the driver if you are prompted.

      If you are using one of our servers with Windows 2008 R2 Installed, you can find the driver here: 
      C:\SnapStream Support\Drivers\USB-UIRT\x64

      If you are using Windows XP, you can download the driver here: XP driver for USB-UIRT.


    1. Now run the USB-UIRT Naming Utility (UURename.exe). Make sure that only a single USB-UIRT is connected. The naming process can only be done one USB-UIRT at a time.

      Windows 2008 R2 users will find this utility here:
      C:\SnapStream Support\Drivers\USB-UIRT\UURename.exe

      You can also download this utility here: UURename.exe.

      Running the naming utility will bring up a command prompt windows. The first thing it will do is find the USB-UIRT and identify it's current name. In the screenshot above you will see the existing name in the Identity field.

      You will then see the following prompt: Would you like to rename this device [Y/N]?

      Hit the letter "Y" on your keyboard.

      You will then see the following prompt: Enter USB-UIRT Number <2,3,4,5,6,7,8>: 

      Hit the number "2" on your keyboard followed by the enter key.

      NOTE: If you would like to test to make sure it was named correctly, you will need to disconnect and reconnect the USB-UIRT before running UURename.exe again in order to verify it's identity.


    1. Disconnect USB-UIRT-2, and connect USB-UIRT-3. Make sure that only a single USB-UIRT is connected.

    2. Repeat step 3 to name this UIRT according to the label. Continue steps 3 and 4 until all USB-UIRT's have had their respective names burned into them.

    Once all of the USB-UIRT's have had their names burned into them, you can connect them all to the server at the same time. 
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