Creating an IR Tuning Profile for Enteprise TV 5


Creating a set-top box profile for Enterprise TV 5. 


When configuring your Enterprise TV server to use IR blasting, you will need to select an IR tuning profile so that Enterprise TV can send the correct remote control commands for your set-top box. If you don't see your set-top box in the list of Cable/Satellite Box Models, you will need to create your own IR tuning profile.

    1. Stop the SnapStream Broker Service.
      Start > Administrative Tools > Services

      Right-click the SnapStream Broker entry and click "Stop".


    1. Run the following Executable to start the remote training process: 

      Windows 2008 R2: C:\Program Files (x86)\SnapStream Media\Enterprise TV\UsbUirtSetup.exe

      This screen enables a user to "train" our software to learn the IR codes for your specific set-top box. You will need the remote control for your set-top box, and a USB-UIRT to go through this process.

      NOTE: This process only needs to be done once for each type of set-top box you are using.


    1. Fill in the UIRT Name If you have more than one USB-UIRT, you can specify the one to use for this remote training session by using one of the following UIRT Names: USB-UIRT, USB-UIRT-2, USB-UIRT-3, etc...


    1. Fill in the Profile Name field.
      This is how your new IR tuning Profile will be identified in the list of Cable/Satellite Box Models field in our Web Administration interface.


    1. The rest of the settings on this screen will affect how Enterprise TV will use the remote to tune channels.

      NOTE: We recommend only changing these settings after determining that Enterprise TV is unable to properly tune the set-top box.

      • Pad Count: Specifies the number of digits a set-top box requires to change the channels. For example, a box may require the user enter "013" to get to channel 13; this corresponds to a Pad Count setting of 3.

      • Repeat Rate: The number of times Enterprise TV should rapidly repeat a single button press to ensure that the set-top box receives it. Increase this number if the set-top box is not receiving digits, and decrease it if the set-top box is receiving duplicate digits. 

      • Time Delay: The time, in milliseconds, that Enterprise TV should wait before sending the next button press when changing channels.

      • Enter Before: Simulates pressing the "Enter" or "OK" button of your remote before entering digits. If you set-top box falls asleep and needs to be woken up with "Enter", use this option.

      • Enter After: Some set-top boes will not change channels at all unless the user hits "Enter" or "OK" after entering the channel number. Enable this option if the set-top box for this source behaves in this manner.

      • Use Padding: Use this option to enable or disable the Pad Count.
    2. Set the remote control and the USB-UIRT on a flat surface about six inches apart. Point the remote at the front of the USB-UIRT and click "Train All Buttons" to begin.


    1. Follow the onscreen instructions in red. Once each of the number boxes are lit up, we should have all of the IR codes that we need. If necessary, hit "Reset All Buttons", to start over, or select an individual button on the application's interface to retrain that button with the remote.

      The LED on the front of the USB-UIRT should flash when the remote's buttons are pressed. If you are using multiple USB-UIRT's, the others may or may not flash as well; either result is normal.

      TIP: It may take up to a minute for some key presses to be detected. If it takes longer than that, try varying the distance between the remote and the USB-UIRT, and press the appropriate button again. It might also be necessary to install a fresh set of batteries in your remote.


    1. Once all of the buttons have been detected, go to File > Save As.
      File Name: Whatever you entered as the profile name, and add the .rmt extension.
      Browse and save the resulting file to:
      C:\ProgramData\SnapStream Media\SnapStream TV\ExternalTuners\UsbUirt


  1. Once finshed, close out of the UsbUirtSetup application, startup the SnapStream Broker Service, and continue to Configuring Enterprise TV 5 for IR Blasting 
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