Testing IR Blasting in Enterprise TV 5


This article will explain how to use Enterprise TV 5 to test out all of your IR blasting hardware and configurations.

NOTE: This article assumes that there are no recording jobs running. If you have recording jobs running, you will need to stop them in order to go through this process. 


Testing IR Blasting in Enterprise TV 5.

    1. Open the Enterprise TV Web Administration Page.
      Open Firefox and browse to the following web address: localhost

    2. Select the Admin tab in the web admin, and select "Tuners" on the left side of the screen.

                                                    Click on image to enlarge
      Here you will see your tuners listed in the order that they will be used (from top to bottom).

    3. To test the first tuner in the list, simply open the Enterprise TV Link ViewScape and use the program guide to tune into a channel that this tuner has access to. Once Live TV comes up, you can use the number pad on your keyboard paired with the enter key to change the channel.

      NOTE: Make sure that you are changing to a channel that you are sure that you have. Example: If you don't have HBO and you try to tune to HBO, it can appear that your IR BLasting hardware isn't working correctly. You can hide channels that you don't have by using the WebAdmin > Admin Tab > Lineups.

    4. To test another tuner in your list, you will need to back out of Live TV using the Enterprise TV ViewScape (the Esc key on your keyboard works for this purpose).

    5. Go back to the Enterprise TV Web Administration Interface > Admin > Tuners
      Disable all of the tuners listed above the tuner you would like to test. This is accomplished by checking off the tuners that you want disabled, selecting the "More Actions" button, and selecting "Disable Tuners".

                                                   Click on image to enlarge

    6. Now use the program guide in the Enterprise TV Link ViewScape to test Live Television. You will now be using the highest tuner in the list that isn't disabled. Use the number pad and the enter key on your keyboard to flip channels.

    7. Repeat steps 4 - 7 to test each of your tuners that use IR blasting.

Once you have tested all of your tuners, make sure to go back into the Enterprise TV Web Administration Interface to re-enable all of your tuners. This is accomplished the same way that you disabled your tuners, except you will be selecting the Enable Tuners option instead of Disable Tuners.

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