Setting Up IR Blasting in Enterprise TV 5


This article will direct you on how to setup IR Blasting in Enterprise TV 5. For information on purchasing an IR blasting pack for your Enterprise TV Server, please contact us via


How to Setup IR Blasting in Enterprise TV 5.

  1. First you will have to name each of your USB-UIRT's. Instructions on this process can be found here: USB-UIRT Naming

    NOTE: If your Enterprise TV Server came with IR blasting hardware, this step has already been done for you. Continue to step 2.

  2. Next you will want to physically connect up all of your IR hardware. Please see this article for details: IR Blaster Hardware Setup

  3. You can then follow the instructions for configuring your IR blasting hardware to work with Enterprise TV. Please see the following article: Configuring Enterprise TV 5 to use your IR Blasting Hardware

  4. If you need to create a custom IR tuning profile for your set-top box, please see the following article: Creating an IR Tuning Profile for Enterprise TV 5

  5. Test your configurations. Testing instructions can be found here: Testing IR Blasting in Enterprise TV 5
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