DirecTV channel changing over IP

This article contains instructions for setting up SnapStream to change channels on your DirecTV set top box via the network port.

Note: Because this method relies on a software interface with the DirecTV receiver, changes to that interface initiated by DirecTV may affect the operation of channel tuning. We recommend retaining the IR blasting equipment provided by SnapStream as a backup solution. 

A. Setting up your DirecTV receiver on the network

Follow these steps for each receiver:

1. Connect your DirecTV receivers you your network. H24, H25 and most other receivers can usually be networked using a Cinema Connection Kit. Some H44 (Genie) receivers have a CCK built in. More information is available here. For some receivers, joining the network may require additional equipment, which is available from DirecTV. DirecTV support can also provide assistance in getting your receivers connected to the network. 

NOTE:  Some DirecTV Receivers have an ethernet port built in to them (like the H24 and the HR24), but they will continually prompt for a coax network IP instead of an ethernet IP.  If there is no CCK on the DirecTV coax network, we have found that resetting these DirecTV boxes using the red reset button the DirecTV Receiver can activate the ethernet port for configuration purposes.

2. In the DirecTV interface, navigate to the following menu: Menu -> Parental, Fav's & Setup -> System Setup -> Network Setup -> Advanced Setup 
(The specific menus may vary between different receiver models) 

3. On this page, you can set an IP Address for the receiver. You will want to select a static IP Address that is not in your DHCP range. After you have chosen your address, click on "Connect Now" and you will be connected to the network. During this step, error messages regarding the Whole-Home Service may appear. Bypass these errors and wait for a successful network connection. 

4. Return to the System Setup menu, then navigate to Whole-Home -> External Device. Set all the options to "Allow." Exit back to the System Setup menu.

5. Attempt to query your receiver via this address using a web browser. Enter the address as follows:

(Where IPADDRESS is the IP address of your DirecTV receiver.) 

You should see a page with output that looks like code. This confirms that your receiver is set up properly and has the ability to be accessed via the network. If you are having issues querying your DirecTV receiver, please contact DirecTV support.

B. Configuring SnapStream to set channels on your receiver

1. Log in to the SnapStream interface

2. Navigate to Admin=> Settings=> Tuners. Click the Edit link for the tuner you would like to change. You will see the following page: 

3. Set the External Tuning Interface option to DirecTV Web Tuning

4. The DirecTV Host field will appear. Enter the IP address of the DirecTV receiver. 

5. Click Save at the bottom of the page and then your DirecTV Channel changing has been enabled.

6. Repeat steps 2-5 for each receiver.

If you need further assistance, please contact support.

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