SQL Backup


How to backup your MS SQL 2008 database. 


It is highly recommended that Enterprise TV 5 users periodically backup the MS SQL 2008 database. This database holds all of your Enterprise TV configuration settings, and recording jobs.

NOTE: If you are using Enterprise TV 5 in a clustering configuration, it is only necessary to backup the database that resides on the Master Node.


    1. Start > All Programs > Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 > SQL Server Management Studio

      NOTE: You must be signed in to the server as a system administrator in order to connect here.

    2. Click the plus next to Databases, and right-click "SnapStreamTV". Go to Tasks > Backup.

    3. When the Backup Database Windows comes up, specify the destination of where you want your backup to go.

      NOTE: You can remove the default path and add a different one by using the add and remove buttons at the bottom of the screen. When adding a new path, make sure to add the .bak extension to the filename.

    4. Click OK, and the backup will start. Once you see the message below, your backup is complete.

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