Changing the Run As account in Enterprise TV version 5.5 and later

Description: In order to use LDAP integration reliably, our software (SnapStream Broker Service) should run as a user on the domain. In Enterprise TV 5.5 and later, changing this run as setting requires some extra steps in order for our software to function.


    1. If the system is running version 5.5, write down all of the settings in our software listed under Local Settings (changing the service Run As account will require you to re-enter these settings).
    2. NOTE:  In 5.5.1 and above, this step won't be necessary.

    1. Stop the SnapStream Broker Service.


    1. Change the Run As setting for the service.


    1. Download the ServiceAccountFixer utility.

    1. Run from a command line with this syntax: serviceaccountfixer.exe <domain>\<user>


      If you want to change back to the default account, run like so:

ServiceAccountFixer "NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM" (Server 2008)
ServiceAccountFixer "NT AUTHORITY\LocalService" (XP)


    1. Start the broker and re-enter Local Settings if necessary.


  1. You can now adjust the Security Settings in our software as necessary.
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