Adding a UNC path as an export folder in SnapStream


This article contains instructions for allowing the SnapStream Server to use a UNC path as an export folder. This is useful when using the server with network-attached storage or a storage area network, or when offloading clips to an external video editing station. 


NOTE: These instructions require that the SnapStream Server be added to your domain. In addition, they require the existence of a domain user who can log on to both the machine that is hosting the UNC path and the SnapStream server. If you need help selecting a user for this purpose, please contact your network administrator. 

On the machine hosting the target folder: 

1. Right-click on the folder that you intend to add and select Properties. 

2. Open the Sharing tab. 

3. Select Share this folder

4. Click the Permissions button. 

5. Click Add

6. Add a domain user who can log in to the SnapStream Server. Click OK. You will be returned to the Share Permissions menu. 

7. Highlight the user you just added. Select Full Control for that user and click OK. You will be returned to the Sharing tab of the Properties menu. 

8. Select the Security tab. 

9. Highlight the user you added in step 6 and select Full Control

10. Click OK

On the SnapStream Server: 

11. Open Start=> Control Panel

12. Open Administrative Tools=> Services

13. Find the SnapStream Broker Service.  Right-click on it and select Properties

14. Select the Log On tab. 

15. Select This account. Enter a domain username and password. NOTE: This user must be the same as the one that was selected in step 6 above. 

16. Click OK. You should see a dialog box confirming the change. If the service is currently running, you will instead see a dialog box indicating that the change will not take effect until the service has been restarted. NOTE: Use caution when restarting services. Any recordings that are in progress when services are restarted will be reset. 

In the SnapStream WebUI: 

18. Navigate to Admin=> Settings=> Folders. 

19. Click on the + sign in Export Destinations.

20. Enter the UNC path of the new folder in the Path field. Set the other options as necessary and click OK

21. If the error "could not find part of the path" appears, check that steps 1-17 have been performed correctly. Pay particular attention to the following: 

  • The same user must be entered in step 6, step 9, and for the SnapStream Broker service in step 15.

  • That user must be able to browse to the UNC path in Windows from the SnapStream erver.

  • Both sets of permissions (step 7 and step 9) must be set to Full Control 

If problems persist, please contact SnapStream Support

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