Power and heat statistics for SnapStream hardware

This table lists power draw and heat output statistics at load for common SnapStream configurations. This information applies to systems shipped after June 2015. 


SnapStream Platform Power Supply Load Draw Watts Load Draw Amps Load Draw kVA BTU/hr
Tuner node 4TB Dual 920W 189 1.58 0.1892 645.55 
Tuner node 12TB Dual 920W 219 1.82 0.219 747.23
Tuner node 16TB Dual 920W 215 1.79 0.215 733.58
Tuner node 24TB Dual 920W 230 1.92 0.23 784.76
Tuner node 40TB Dual 920W 262 2.23 0.262 893.94
Transcode node Single 350W 111 0.9342 0.1108 378.05
SDI node Single 350W 109 .888


SBE Dual 920W 120 1.007 0.1204 410.80


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