Common warning messages in SnapStream

When SnapStream encounters an error, you may receive an email alerting you to the error. This article lists some common error messages. 


NOTE: There are more than 200 different possible error messages in SnapStream, and they may change from version to version. Please contact SnapStream support for detailed information and troubleshooting for any error messages that you receive. 


Scheduler.WorkerProcForRecorders - killing recording [RECORDING NAME & ID] on tuner [TUNER NAME & ID] because it hasn't received data in a while.

Indicates that a recording failed to receive any data for 30 seconds. For digital recordings, this may indicate a problem with the TV source, especially if repeated. For analog recordings, it may indicate a performance problem. 


Recording [RECORDING NAME] failed in the DirectShow graph. 

Indicates that a recording failed to write to disk successfully. This may indicate a problem with a hard disk, a problem with the network connection between the tuner machine and the destination machine, or some other type of communication problem (such as a node being rebooted).


The ShowSqueeze [or other] task failed on machine [MACHINE NAME] for file [FILE NAME]. Task Failed. Last message: The ShowSqueeze task hung [or other]

This error is sent in the case of a task failure. The Last Message includes basic information about why the task failed.


There may be a backlog of tasks. Check to make sure all nodes are functioning.

This error appears when the number of queued tasks is greater than the number specified on the Miscellaneous Settings page. This can result from tasks failing to be processed, or it can result from a large number of tasks being submitted at once, either manually or as the result of a Workflow. 


There may be a backlog of deletes.

Indicates that the system is unable to delete items from disk. Contact SnapStream Support immediately for troubleshooting in order to prevent undesired expiration of files.  


Guide update failed.

Indicates that an attempt to download program guide information has failed. This can be result from a problem communicating with SnapStream.Net- check to make sure that the appropriate ports and sites listed in Network configuration for SnapStream are available. 


You are within (x) day(s) of the end of your guide data.

Your system is about to run out of program guide data. This may indicate that guide updates are failing, or it may indicate that they are not running. 


Expiring a future once job because its AiringId is now invalid: [RECORDING JOB NAME & ID]

This means that there was an episode of this show set to record individually in the future, and after a program guide update this item no longer exists as before. The program could have changed entirely, or the air times could have changed entirely (both start and end). If the show is something you still wish to record, you will have to look at the program guide and schedule a new recording job.


Other software exceptions.

Some warning messages may be generated by internal software functions that fail to operate as expected. These messages may include stack traces for the function that failed. Please contact SnapStream Support for assistance in interpreting unfamiliar warning messages. 


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