Testing your internet bandwidth for compatibility with SnapStream Cloud

As part of confirming the compatibility of your internet connection with SnapStream Cloud, we may ask you to run a bandwidth test. 

For most accurate results, you should test bandwidth between your location and a location close to the data center where your SnapStream Cloud server would be located. Here's how to do that.


1. Go to Speedtest.net in any browser


2. Drag the map so that it is centered over the Washington, D.C. area of the United States. It may help to zoom out.



3. Hover your mouse pointer over the dot shown here and select "Ashburn, VA, Hosted by GigeNET"



4. The test will begin. It should complete in about 2 minutes. Take a screenshot of your results.


5. Repeat the test and select "Ashburn, VA, Hosted by Fast Serv Networks, LLC." This is to rule out any routing issues. 



6. Send screenshots of the results of both tests to SnapStream.

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