2016 Rio Olympics Recording Information

The 2016 Summer Olympics are scheduled from August 5th-21st. Olympic pre-events are scheduled before August 5th.  Events and pre-events are being entered into the program guide database now and will be available to you soon.

Here is some information about the Series/Shows and Episodes in your program guide.


  • Title: "Rio Olympics
    • Title listed for NBC Universal networks (United States).
    • Includes NBC English and Spanish networks and affiliates: e.g. NBC, NBC Sports, Telemundo, etc.

  • Title: “2016 Rio Olympics
    • Title listed for other networks outside of the United States.
    • Includes English, Spanish and other language networks and affiliates across the globe in Canada, Europe, Mexico, Caribbean, Latin America, Brazil, etc.



  • Multiple Event Blocks
    • Multiple Olympic sports events will be combined under a given time block.
    • Multiple event titles will be combined in a single episode title.
      e.g. “Track/Field , Beach Volleyball, Rowing, Swimming”
    • Specifics for the events will be contained in the episode description.
      e.g. “The opening day of track and field features qualifying events from Rio de Janeiro, including the women's 400m. Also: live beach-volleyball action; rowing (finals); swimming (semi-finals).”
    • Multiple genres will be listed based on the individual events.

  • Single Events
    • Some events will be listed singly, with individual titles, descriptions and genres.

  • Notable Athletes
    • As known, notable athletes will be listed for events.



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