How can SnapStream be used in the classroom for educational purposes?

SnapStream's TV search and streaming technology is a great way to use technology to engage students from kindergarten through graduate school. Especially in today’s technology-driven and media-saturated world, students respond to lesson plans that go beyond the textbook. Using SnapStream, teachers have the ability to incorporate currently airing broadcast material into their lesson plans, empowering them to examine and discuss current events, ranging from political movements to trends in pop culture—right in the classroom.

SnapStream allows teachers to have access to content without needing to spend hours recording, watching, or transcribing DVDs or VHS tapes. Instead, a keyword TV search is all it takes to instantaneously cull the digital archive. Once the right content is found, it can beclipped, shared to the cloud, downloaded or streamed directly to the classroom. Even better: unlike Safari Montage or Discovery Streaming, which require subscription fees, SnapStream allows teachers to record an unlimited amount of educational content.

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