Can I upload video files into SnapStream?

Yes, SnapStream has an "Upload" option found within the Library of the web interface.  The Upload File page allows users to upload one video at a time to the Library on the SnapStream system.


How To Use This Page

1. Click or drop media in the appropriate space
2. If clicking, an Open File dialog will open. Select the file you wish to upload, and click Open.
3. If you have an SRT or VTT (closed captioning) file for this recording, click or drop the SRT or VTT File in the same manner as the above media file. If clicking, select the correct file, and click Open.
4. Select a Library Destination Folder.
5. If the Destination Folder you selected has more than one Path, select the path in which you wish this file to be located. Note: The file will be copied to this location. Before selecting a path, make sure that the path you plan to select has enough free space for the file.
6. Click Upload

You will see a progress bar indicating the progress of the upload. 

**Note: Do not leave this page until the upload is complete.  Otherwise, it will cancel the upload**

Once the Upload is complete, the system will open an Edit Item page to allow users to confirm all the metadata is correct on the file.  Most information will prepopulate from the file itself, but it can be edited from this screen as needed.


After completing any edits, there is a Save button located at the bottom of the page that will complete the process.  The file will then appear in the Library in the proper chronological order.

The following file extensions are supported media files by the web player:

  • asf
  • avi
  • dvr-ms
  • m4v
  • mov
  • mpg
  • mpeg-2
  • mp2
  • mp3
  • mp4
  • ssx
  • tp
  • ts
  • wmv

Not all of these files are supported for clipping, transcoding or other options. If you have questions about the format of the specific files that you want to upload, please contact

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