Problem when H.264 transport stream files are not playable when downloaded or can't be imported into third-party software

If your SnapStream system records in the H.264 transport stream format, you may find that clips that are downloaded or exported have the file extension .tp, and these files may not play correctly in third-party players or editing software. 

To resolve this issue, you have a few options:

  1. The majority of recently updated video players and editing suites, including Quicktime and Premiere, do support the H.264 transport stream format, but require the file extension to be .ts. Try downloading a file and changing the extension to .ts.

    If this resolves the compatibility problem, the extension can be changed for future recordings using the Transport Stream Extension setting, in Admin=> Settings=> Recording. NOTE: recordings that are in progress when the change is made will not be affected. The next time a recording starts, it will have the new extension.

  2. ShowSqueeze clips to H.264 before downloading. This will give you a file with the extension .mp4. This can be done when the clip is submitted, from the Library, or automatically by using a Workflow.

    NOTE: Express and Cloud systems will only transcode one item at a time, and if multiple clips are submitted for transcoding in short succession, the tasks may take some time to complete. See the Tasks page to track the status of clipping and transcoding jobs, or contact SnapStream support for help optimizing your workflow.
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