Performance issues after Intel graphics driver update through Windows Update

SnapStream has recently become aware of an issue affecting SnapStream component capture nodes (encoders) running Windows 10. 

Windows Update may install Intel driver version (10/17/2017) for the capture cards in this platform. We have found that this version of the driver can cause processor usage to climb to unsustainable levels over the course of several hours.  A newer driver is available that should correct this problem.

It also looks like the Windows October 2018 feature update for Windows 10 will potentially install the (11/18/2018) Intel Graphics driver.  That driver version does NOT work with our encoder.

Subsequent Windows updates may install further Intel Graphics driver versions, but the official supported Intel display driver for all SnapStream Encoders remains as:

Release Version: Production Version
Intel(R) Graphics Driver:
Intel(R) Display Audio Driver:
Build Date: February 8, 2018
Package: 533674

Please contact SnapStream support for assistance in applying the driver update and configuring Windows to prevent further automatic driver updates. 

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