Additional Features Using The F2 Function Key

The F2 Function key has some added additional features from within a couple of the SnapStream screens.  For a MAC user, you will need to press the Function key prior to using the F2 key in order to get these same capabilities.

Functions include:

1) Detailed Recording Data/Tuner Information

2) Folder Settings

3) Workflow Settings

4) Group/User Settings

5) Task Details

6) Download Index Files

7) Scheduler Jobs

1) During playback of a video, you can press the F2 key to have a display appear of Detailed Recording Data.  This information includes the machine the tuner lives on, the tuner that is being used, the destination machine where the recording is being saved and the path of the file being created.


2) From the Admin -> Folders screen, the F2 key will produce a Folder Export print out that details the names of folders being used, which are set as defaults, paths within those folders and roles available.


Roles determine the types of files/actions available to that folder. Options here are:

  • Recording destination
  • Task destination
  • Clip destination
  • GIF destination

3) From the Admin -> Workflows screen, the F2 key will produce an export list of all of the existing Workflows with their properties.  This includes the Name, Trigger Condition, Filter Groups and Actions of the respective workflows.


4) From the Admin -> Security -> Groups or Users screens, the F2 key will produce an export list of all of the existing Groups on the system with their respective users.  This will also show the current permissions settings for each group as to what they can/cannot access.


5) From the Tasks menu, the F2 key allows you to view details of a task by entering the corresponding Task List ID.  This is helpful in finding task information in a more quick, efficient manner when searching the logs of the system.




6) From the Library -> Expanded Details -> More Information page of a selected recording, the F2 key will download a zip file of the Index files associated to that recording.  SnapStream Support may sometimes request these files when investigating problems with your recordings.


 7) Scheduler Tasks (On 9.0.0 Build 10072) From the Schedule menu pressing the F2 key will populate a comma separated values .txt file of all your recording jobs.




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