About SnapStream Cloud user accounts

To add a new user to your SnapStream Cloud account, navigate to Admin, expand Security, and click on Users. Then click on Create. 


You will be prompted to enter the user's email address and select a security group for them. SnapStream will send the user an email to confirm their login- that's why an email address has to be entered. 

More information about security groups can be found in the SnapStream Help File.

After you click Save, SnapStream will send an email to the user with a link. The user will need to click on this link to confirm their account and create a password. 

If the user doesn't click on that link within one day, it will expire.

After three days, SnapStream will automatically send another email with a new confirmation link. This link will also expire after one day. If that happens, the user will need to be deleted and re-added by someone with permission to manage the users in your cloud instance. 


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