Create your own Format Profile on a SnapStream 4-Channel Encoder

If you would like to create a custom Format Profile for the IP streams on your SnapStream 4-Channel Encoder, follow these steps.  (Warning, in order to change to the new profile, you will need to restart the streams.)

  • Log into your SnapStream Encoder via the Web Interface.  The web interface can be access via a browser with the IP address or the computer name of the encoder if it was setup in DNS.
  • Go to Admin - Settings - Format Profiles
  • You will see all the default profiles listed here, if one of these profiles does not meet your criteria, you can create a custom one.  Locate the profile that resembles your desired profile and click on the clipboard icon to copy the Profile.
  • This will make a copy of the profile so you can create, give the profile a name, change the resolution, change the Average Video Bitrate and etc as needed.
  • Click Save at the bottom to save your profile.

If you have any questions about these Format Profile settings, please contact SnapStream Support for further assistance.

Once you have your profile now, you will need to set the IP streams to use this profile.

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