Using the VLC launcher option to play Live TV

When multicasting is in use with SnapStream, Live TV sessions will play back in VLC. By default, selecting the Live TV option from the Program Guide will prompt the user to download a file with the extension .VLC. This file can be opened with VLC media player

An alternate method of starting Live TV is available that launches VLC from the browser directly instead of prompting a download. This option requires the installation of a helper application on the client computer. This application handles links with format vlc://[link].

To use this option:


1. Enable VLC links. In the SnapStream interface, navigate to Admin=> Settings=> Misc. At the bottom of that page you will see two on/off toggle switches.

Setting these toggle switches to the “On” position enables VLC:// links for the corresponding platform. The settings shown above would enable VLC:// links for both Mac & Windows platforms. Once enabled, these settings take effect globally and any clients that do not have the VLC Launcher installed will not be able to open the video streams.


2. Install the VLC Launcher application and the VLC Media Player on the client computer. 

VLC Launcher application download



VLC Media Player download



3. Start Live TV. The first time a user starts Live TV, they may be prompted to allow the VLC Launcher to run. This window may look like one of the following:




Clicking the "Remember" checkbox will allow the browser to run the VLC launcher without prompting in the future. 


4. Finished!

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