How do you access the SnapStream 4-Channel Encoders Web Interface

The SnapStream 4-Channel Encoder's web interface can be used to change the Format Profile, enable/disable streams and etc.

Accessing the SnapStream 4-Channel Encoder's web interface requires for you to know the IP address or computer name of the encoder.

Open a web browser and then proceed on entering the IP address or computer name of the encoder and it should hit the web interface.
If the IP address does not work; it may be that the encoder changed IP addresses and is set to DHCP and not a static IP address.
If the computer name does not work; it is probably due to the computer name not being in your network's DNS.
If you are logged into the encoder itself, you can also go to http://localhost/ and it should bring up the log in page also.
Credentials for the encoder should be known by your SnapStream Administrator; please contact them if you do not have them.
If you are setting up the SnapStream 4-Channel Encoder for the first time and need assistance, please contact SnapStream Support for further assistance.
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