Check whether the SnapStream STB can access the Registration API

There are some network requirements for the SnapStream STB and they can be found on the Network Configuration for SnapStream page before you can perform this test.
After you have setup the network requirements, the SnapStream STB will need to connect to the Registration API to register itself to your SnapStream.
If you experience any issues during this process, you can check whether your STB has access to the Registration API site.
On the STB:
  • Press the Gear icon on the remote.
  • Under Device, go to Network - Ethernet and confirm you are getting an IP address.
  • Once you have confirmed that, go to Apps - System apps - Browser
  • In the browser go to
This page will tell you whether your SnapStream STB was able to reach the Registration API to register itself.
If you have any questions about these instructions, please contact SnapStream Support for further assistance.
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