Firmware updates from your cable provider to your cable box/satellite receiver

From time to time your cable/satellite provider will remotely push firmware updates to your cable box/satellite receiver.  Whenever this happens, it can cause unexpected interruptions in your SnapStream recordings.
Some of the symptons that you may see in SnapStream are killed recordings, recordings restarting, no picture in your recordings and/or no audio in your recordings. 
Setting up your warning e-mails may help you catch these issues more quickly.
Whenever this happens, you should verify that your cable box/satellite receiver is receiving audio and video, powered on, verify the channels you are trying to record are working and confirm they haven't removed any features that were used with SnapStream.  If you are experiencing issues with your cable box/satellite receiver, please contact your television provider.
If you have any questions about SnapStream, please contact SnapStream Support for further assistance.
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