SnapStream 4-Channel Encoder Format Profiles and Bandwidth Impact

The SnapStream 4-Channel Encoder creates IP streams using the configured format profile.  Depending on the format profile you use will determine how much bandwidth your encoder(s) will use on your network.  

Here are a few sample profiles that the encoder has by default:

  • H.264 - 1920x1080p - Video Bitrate 5.00 Mbps - Audio Bitrate 192.00 kbps
  • H.264 - 1280x720p - Video Bitrate 2.56 Mbps - Audio Bitrate 192.00 kbps
    NOTE:  In SnapStream versions 9.0 and above the 720p profile was changed to have a Video Bitrate of 3.0 Mbps with an Audio Bitrate  of 192.0 kbps.
  • H.264 - 960x540p - Video Bitrate 2.00 Mbps - Audio Bitrate 192.00 kbps

You can also create your own format profiles to use with your SnapStream 4-Channel Encoder.

Now that you know which format profile you are using, you can then now calculate the impact it will make on your network.

For Example: If you are using the 1280x720p profile, it approximately takes up 2.56 Mbps per stream on your network.  If you are using 4 streams than you would multiple that number by 4 and you should expect an impact of approximately 10.24 Mbps.  If you have multiple SnapStream encoders, you would just determine how many streams you are using from the encoders and multiple the stream count by the profile you are using.  Let's say you use 6 streams across 2 SnapStream encoders, that would just be 6 x 2.56 Mbps = 15.36 Mbps.


If you have any questions about these Format Profile and/or bandwidth impact, please contact SnapStream Support for further assistance.

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