Recordings are stuck on screensavers, what do I do?

SnapStream relies on your television feed to make recordings, just like the your TV does. There are some common cable box issues that will prevent you from making usable recordings. We'll discuss those issues in this article.

Here are some common problems:

- Recordings are stuck on a screensaver, this is normally the name of the provider. This should be turned off in cable box settings. 

- Recordings are stuck on service activation pages, for example: "To activate service call..." This is usually due to a problem with your cable provider, and you'll have to reach out to them to resolve the problem.

- Recordings show "To order this channel" messages. This is due to someone setting a recording on a channel that's not a part of your cable package. To resolve this issue, you'll have to browse off of that channel. In order to record from that channel, you'll need to add it to your cable package.

- Recordings are stuck on a Guide, or Menu, screen. This can happen sometimes when there's an error on the box, or if it attempts to dial a channel that's not part of the cable package. To resolve this, we'll need to browse off of the page. 

- If your recordings have "No Signal", we may be looking at a different problem, such as the televison source being powered off or it's cabling to the SnapStream encoder has become disconnected.

- If your recordings have "Out of Range", please look here.

Please contact SnapStream Support if you need assistance in troubleshooting your signal issues.

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