How to determine upload bandwidth from a SnapStream encoder to the SnapStream Cloud

In order to determine your upload bandwidth to the SnapStream Cloud, you will need to perform an upload test.

Open a web browser and go to (there are other sites that can perform the same task.)

Once you have arrive to the website, click on Change Server so you can change the destination of your test.
You are going to perform two tests to two different locations.
  • Ashburn, VA (any of the servers located there)
  • Sacramento, CA (technically it is not the exact location, but it is the closest location)


Once you have selected the server, go ahead and perform the test.
The test should return a number like 20.00 Mbps
The SnapStream Encoder can upload four simultaneous streams to the SnapStream Cloud.
The bitrate of these streams determine how much bandwidth you will need.
Here are a few sample Format Profiles:
  • 960x540p, Resolution: 960 X 540 | Video Bitrate: 2.00 Mbps | Audio Bitrate: 160.00 kbps
  • 1280x720p, Resolution: 1280 X 720 | Video Bitrate: 2.56 Mbps | Audio Bitrate: 192.00 kbps
  • 1920x1080p, Resolution: 1920 X 1080 | Video Bitrate: 5.00 Mbps | Audio Bitrate: 192.00 kbps
Let's just use the 1280x720p format profile for our example.  The video bitrate is ~2.56 Mbps, so 4 streams multiplied by that number will get you the estimated upload bandwidth.  In this case ~10.24 Mbps would be the estimate upload bandwidth you will need.  So if you got 20.00 Mbps for your upload test, then in theory that should be enough bandwidth to upload the 4 streams.  Just a fyi, there are other factors in determining whether your internet connection can handle uploading the streams from your SnapStream Encoder to the Cloud.
If you have any issues determining your upload bandwidth, please contact your IT/Network team first before contacting SnapStream Support for further assistance.
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