Automatically deleting infomercials, and paid programming, via workflow.

If you would like to automatically delete infomercials, and paid programming, you can use a workflow to automate this process.

To create this workflow:

  1. Browse to Admin > Workflows, and click “Add New Workflow”
  2. Give it a name. 
  3. Trigger condition: This can be any trigger relating to recordings including: recording finished, days after recording finished, run at specific time, run with frequency, or hours after recording finished. 
  4. If your trigger condition requires a time constraint, you'll need to enter it in the field below.
  5. Do not check "Process Whole Library" unless you want the workflow to retroactively delete old library items. Doing so will only affect items specified by our filters in steps 6-8, and can also fill your task queue, causing a backlog of tasks. This can affect your ability to process tasks such as clipping, sharing, etc. 
  6. Click the arrow next to Filter disabled to enable filtering.
  7. Click the “Select a Filter to add” dropdown menu, and select “From Category.”
  8. Click the category menu, and select “Shopping”
  9. Click the “Add New Filter Group” button, and repeat steps 6-8. Specify “Consumer” in the category field. Note: You can filter several categories, but remember, these actions in this workflow will apply to all categories specified.
  10. Under “Actions to Perform” click “Delete” 
  11. Click the “Save” button at the bottom of the page.  

Once you've completed workflow creation, your workflow should look something like this. 


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