Why the DirecTV Genie Mini is not recommended for use with SnapStream

The DirecTV Genie Mini connects TVs to a Genie DVR. It provides access to programming, recorded content, and TV apps.

We do not recommend the use of the DirecTV Gene Mini as a television source for SnapStream due to the reasons below.

  • It is not possible to connect up both component video (for HD video) and composite video (for captions) at the same time.  Each type of connection requires a different type of 10 pin DirecTV cable (10 pin to Component or 10 pin to Composite), but there is only one 10 pin A/V port available for use on the back of the Genie Mini.  HDMI should not be used for connecting television content to SnapStream (see here for more info on HDMI).
  • The Genie Mini is not a true DirecTV receiver, it is a client device to the Genie DVR (model HR34, HR44, or HR54) and is dependent on the Genie DVR.
  • The Genie DVR has power saving options that cannot be turned off.
  • The Genie DVR will allocate it's internal tuners for these mini devices as it sees fit, and not always in a way that works well with SnapStream.
  • The Genie Mini does not have a way to set a static IP address from the mini directly for the purposes of using DirecTV external Web Tuning.  An IP reservation must be made from the DHCP side of your network using the device's MAC address instead.
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