How-To collect Event Viewer logs

When troubleshooting an issue with SnapStream, it may be necessary for us to examine the Event logs of the affected system. Please note this process will work with every version of Windows since XP.

To save the Event logs:

1. Login to Windows on the affected SnapStream system.

2. Click Start > Run, type "eventvwr.msc" in the Open field, and click OK.


3. In the Event Viewer console, you’ll see a sidebar that contains “Custom Views” and “Windows Logs” we’ll want to expand those fields. 


4. We’ll want to save the Administrative Events, Application Events, and System Events. 

5. Start by right-clicking Administrative Events, and selecting “Save All Events in Custom View As…"



6. Name the file “administrative.evtx” and click Save.

7. The next dialog will require you to select Display Information, choose the radio button for “Display information for these languages” then, check the box next to English, and click OK.  


8. We’ll want to repeat these steps 5-7 with Application Events, and Security Events under Windows Logs. Naming them application.evtx, and security.evtx, respectively. 

9. Once you’ve gotten all three evtx files, please send them to us at SnapStream Support. If you need assistance in getting the files to us, please feel free to reach out, and we’ll be happy to help.

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