FAQs about My Clips

What is My Clips and where is it?

My Clips is a list of "your" clips in SnapStream. You can find it on the left side of the Library page, between the date filters and the GIFs section. 


How do files end up in My Clips?

Any clip that you create in SnapStream will be added to My Clips automatically. In addition, you can add any other clip to My Clips, by going to the Information page for the item in the Library and clicking Add to My Clips. 

First, click the three dots to the right of the title:


Then, click More Information in the bottom right corner of the modal window that appears:


Then, scroll down and click Add to My Clips in the bottom right corner of the page. 


Can I remove a clip from My Clips?

Yes- after you've added a clip, the Add to My Clips option will become Remove From My Clips.


Are My Clips tagged with my name? Can other users see a list of my clips?

My Clips is a list stored in the SnapStream database, and no corresponding metadata tags are added to the video files. Other users cannot see what is in your My Clips list. If you want other users to see clips that you have created, consider Tagging them with your name!


Are My Clips "protected?" Are other users prevented from finding them?

Putting files in the My Clips list doesn't keep other users from finding them, editing them or even deleting them. If you want to protect clips, you'll want to set up a Folder for them that restricts access to specific users or groups. 


Can I export a list of My Clips?

Not right now- but we are always happy to hear new feature requests! Fill out a support form to submit one.



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