Internet Explorer Crashes When Trying to Playback

There has been a recent instance where the Web Player acts like it has not been loaded and must be re-added in order to playback videos through Internet Explorer.

Subsequent attempts to play any content are then met by an AppCrash message for Internet Explorer, similar to the following:

Most often, the cause of this crash is relative to there being conflicting versions of the SnapStream User Web Player on the system.  Also, the issue tends to often follow Windows Updates relative to Internet Explorer and Microsoft .NET Framework, although neither has been proven to be the underlying cause.

The correction that has been most successful, is to remove all instances of the SnapStream User Web Player from all users on that system (This may include having to login as them and remove the application).  We then load the appropriate version of the SnapStream System Web Player.

You will need to reach out to SnapStream Support and request they provide a URL link to the appropriate version of System Web Player that fits your system.  Once that has been provided, you can download and install the new Web Player by following the instructions on screen.

Should this not correct the issue, please contact SnapStream Support for further assistance and investigation into the issue.

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