Recordings have what sounds like a BONK noise every 30 seconds

Issue:  When playing back recordings, you hear what sounds like a BONK noise every 30 seconds or so.

Cause:  Three things have to happen for this issue to occur.

  1. DirecTV web tuning has been configured on the SnapStream System to allow automatic channel changing by communicating to the IP address assigned to each DirecTV box.
  2. The DirecTV web tuning setting, "Send Guide Exit Command" is set to ON.
  3. Sound Effects are enabled on the DirecTV box.

Background:  The Send Guide Exit Command setting will send an Exit command to the DirecTV box every 30 seconds.  If there is nothing on the DirecTV box to exit out of, the DirecTV box will consider it an invalid command, resulting in the BONK sound effect coming from the DirecTV box.  The purpose behind this Send Guide Exit Command setting is to address situations where undesired DirecTV menus or the DirecTV program guide come up unintentionally and unexpectedly during recordings.  This tends to happen with DirecTV receivers that have touch sensitive buttons, and something unintentionally brushes against it, causing the box to interpret this as a button press.

Resolution:  Turn off the Send Guide Exit Command setting -or- Turn off Sound Effects on your DirecTV boxes.

To turn off the Send Guide Exit Command Setting

  • Sign into the SnapStream WebUI > Admin > Tuners
    NOTE:  If the SnapStream tuners are configured for SnapStream External Tuner, you will need to make this adjustment by signing into the SnapStream WebUI for the SnapStream encoder responsible, and editing the relevant content stream.
  • Edit the tuner (or content stream) that needs the setting turned off.
  • Set Send Guide Exit Command to OFF.
  • Save
  • Repeat this for each of the tuners (or content streams) that suffer from the issue.

If you want to leave the Send Guide Exit Command setting to ON, you will need to turn off Sound Effects on the DirecTV box.

  • Click the MENU button on your remote
  • Select Settings
  • Select Audio
  • Set Sound Effects to Off


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