Recordings from a SnapStream Component Capture Encoder are displaying a message that says, "Out of Range."

Issue or Problem:

Recordings from a SnapStream encoder are showing a message saying, "Out of Range."


This can be caused by a variety of scenarios.  Those will be listed below.

  • If the television source is being fed by component cables that aren't plugged into the correct ports for the color represented.  Blue and green are the ones that are most commonly mixed up.
  • If the television source is outputting a resolution that is not supported (1080p is not supported).  NOTE:  1080i and below work fine.


  • Double check the component cabling that runs from your television source to the SnapStream Encoder.  Make sure that you check both sides of the cabling (the set-top box side and the encoder side). 
  • If all of the cable connections look correct, try re-seating the cabling.
  • Check the resolution settings on the television source.  If it is set to output at 1080p, change it to 1080i or below.
  • You may need to restart the cable box.


Additional Notes:

It may be necessary to restart your television souce after changes have been implemented to it.


Out of Range


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