Re-assigning the keyboard shortcut scheme to match Avid or Premiere


Can I change the keyboard shortcuts used when playing back content in SnapStream so that they are similar to what I'm used to in Avid or Premiere?


Yes you can!  This is a new feature available in our 9.1 software and can be adjusted from the SnapStream User Profile Settings page.

  1. Sign into the SnapStream Web Interface and click the profile icon in the top right corner of the page > Profile Setings.

  2. Change the Shortcut Type from the default (SnapStream) according to your preference and click the Save button.  Alternate options are Premiere and Avid.


Additional Notes:

This feature is only available in SnapStream Software version 9.1 and above.

The full list of keyboard shortcuts for each shortcut scheme are below.

Actions SnapStream (Default) Premiere Avid
Play space space space, 5
Pause space space space, 5, k
Skip Back , shift+left shift+left
Skip Forward . shift+right shift+right
Rewind left left j
Fast Forward right right L
Fullscreen F/F11 ctrl+` ctrl+shift+f
Skip to start ctrl+left ctrl+left home
Skip to end ctrl+right ctrl+right end
Jump to j 1-9 ctrl+k
Volume mute m { alt+(1-8)
Volume up + [ +
Volume down - ] -
Zoomable Trackber q z ctrl+m
Clip start z, i i e, i
Clip end x, o o r, o
Clip c x t
Nudge clip back 1s alt+shift+, alt+shift+, alt+shift+,
Nudge clip back 1f alt+, alt+left alt+left
Nudge clip forward 1f alt+. alt+right alt+right
Nudge clip forward 1s alt+shift+. alt+shift+right alt+shift+right
Skip to clip start v shift+i q
Skip to clip end b shift+o w
Loop clip ctrl+L ctrl+L ctrl+L
Segment start z, i i e, i
Segment end x, o o r, o
Trim none None none
Capture screenshot ctrl+d ctrl+p ctrl+d
Facebook none none none
Twitter none none none
Youtube none none none
Add tag none m none
Previous item shift+left alt+; ctrl+shift+left
Next item shift+right shift+; ctrl+shift+right
Help h h h
Single view g g g
Increase playback speed [ shift+l [
Decrease playback speed ] shift+j ]
Previous search result ctrl+up ctrl+up ctrl+up
Next search result ctrl+down ctrl+down ctrl+down



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