How to Access the Version Specific SnapStream Help File


Where can I find the SnapStream Help file that is specific to the version of SnapStream Software that we use?


You can access the SnapStream Help file specific to the version you are using by signing into the SnapStream Web Interface > Clicking the profile icon in the top right corner of the screen > Help File.


Additional Notes:

Online versions of the SnapStream help file can be accessed by clicking on the applicable version number below.

9.1 (11-06-2018)

9.0 (7-18-2018)

8.5 (2-23-2018)

8.4 (12-01-2017)

8.3 (8-31-2017)

8.2 (5-26-2017)

8.1 (1-26-2017)

8.0 (11-01-2016)

7.2 (8-12-2016)

7.1 (4-08-2016)


Help File

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