How to Visualize your Upcoming Recording Schedule by Tuner Input

Starting with SnapStream Software version 9.1, you can now visualize your recording schedule in a grid that shows what tuner input is being used for each of the upcoming programs that your SnapStream system will be recording. This view can be handy for visualizing why recording conflicts are occurring.


How can I visualize what my recording schedule looks like as it pertains to tuner availability in my SnapStream system?


You can access this grid of upcoming recordings by signing into the SnapStream WebUI > Schedule >  View Recording Schedule

(an example of this view is below).

Additional Notes:


* Input #:  Hovering your cursor over an Input on the left will bring up a tool tip that describes what tuner #, and lineup is respresented by that Input.

* Recording Info: Hovering your cursor over an program in the grid will bring up a tool tip that describes that program in more detail.

* Jump to...: Clicking this drop down will allow you to jump to a particular input/tuner if you have many to choose from.


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