Virtual Remote Control for use with DirecTV Web Tuning

New in SnapStream 9.1:

If you currently have DirecTV Web Tuning configured for your SnapStream Server or Encoder (see here for more info on setting up DirecTV web tuning), you can now navigate the DirecTV menus by using the new DirecTV remote control in the SnapStream WebUI.


How to access the new DirecTV Virtual Remote Control for navigating DirecTV menus and Settings?


  • Sign into the SnapStream WebUI that is configured for DirecTV Web Tuning.

  • Edit the Tuner (Admin > Tuners) or Content Stream (Admin > Streams) that is controlling your DirecTV box via Web Tuning.

  • Scroll down to "External Tuning Properties".

  • Click the "Test IP Tuning" button to send a channel change command.

  • Click the "Send IP Commands" button to pull up the virtual remote for navigating DirecTV Menus and settings.

Additional Notes:

Using another browser tab and jumping to the end of a recording in progress that is using the tuner/content stream being edited will allow you to see the results of the web tuning commands that are being sent.


DirecTV Virtual Remote Control

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