RTMP Output Option on SnapStream Encoders


How do I configure my SnapStream Encoder to send content via an RTMP stream?


Generate an RTMP Endpoint on the SnapStream Server for the encoder to send the stream to.

  • Sign into the SnapStream WebUI on your SnapStream Server, Express, or Cloud Instance.
  • Go to Admin (at the top of the page) > RTMP (On the left under Settings).
  • Click the Add Stream button, give the stream a name, and click the add button.
  • Click the icon to copy the RTMP Endpoint to your clipboard, and save that for your output configuration

Adjust the applicable tuner or lineup to record via the new RTMP endpoint instead of TCP Listen or UDP.

  • If you want your new RTMP stream to have an IP Tuner dedicated to it, you will want to edit the IP tuner and lock it using Transport Type "RTMP (Alt)", and set the Source URL as the RTMP endpoint that you previously generated.
    IMPORTANT NOTE AS IT PERTAINS TO CLUSTERS:  Regardless of which node the tuner is configured on, always specify the endpoint for the Master node.  The relevant tuner node will automatically pull the content through the Master node.

  • If you have a multichannel IPTV lineup that multiple IP tuners record from, you will want to edit your existing channel or add a new channel to that IP TV lineup that specifies the Transport Type "RTMP (Alt)" and the RTMP endpoint that you previoulsy generated.

Configure your SnapStream encoder to send content to your SnapStream Server via RTMP.

  • Sign into the SnapStream Encoder's WebUI and click the Add Stream button (or edit an already existing content stream).
  • Scroll down to the Output Settings and select RTMP from the Transport Type drop down box.
  • Paste your previously generated RTMP Endpoint into the Destination box and click the Add button if this is a new Content Stream or Save button if you are editing an existing content stream.

Additional Notes:

Tuners and Lineups may be configured in different ways depending on your specific SnapStream setup.  Please contact SnapStream Support if assistance is needed in changing the way your SnapStream system is recording your content.

For SnapStream Clusters:  When configuring your encoders to send to a SnapStream Cluster via RTMP, the streams on yoru encoders should all be configured to send to the Master node regardless of which node in the cluster the IP tuner is configured on.






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