SnapStream Server Boots to SuperMicro PCI Bus Enumeration Message

Issue or Problem:

SnapStream Server boots to a SuperMicro screen that says, "DXE - BIOS PCI Bus Enumeration".


This is normally caused by plugging in a monitor to a port on the system that is feeding the Aspeed AST2400 BMC chip on the motherboard.  This has been disabled so that only the video ports that feed the Intel HD Graphics that are built onto the CPU are used. This is to allow Intel QSV to be used on the system.


Please use the included DVI to VGA adapter when connecting a VGA monitor to the SnapStream server.

Additional Notes:

This message can also come up if you are trying to use the remote control over IPMI.  This is because the system will always try to use the Aspeed AST2400 BMC chip for video when using remote control over IPMI.  Please use other remote connectivity methods at your disposal instead.


DXE BIOS PCI Bus Enumeration EDU Transcode Node IPMI


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