How to Burn to DVD in SnapStream Software Version 9.0 and Above


How can I burn SnapStream content to a DVD?


As of SnapStream version 9.0 and above, DVD burning is handled by a standalone application.  You can download the latest version of the standalone DVD Burn Helper here.  If you need a product key for the install, please contact SnapStream Support (

1) Make sure that you have a DVD burner detected on your Client computer, install the DVD Burning Helper, and reboot your client computer.

2) Sign into your SnapStream system, find the content that you would like to burn to DVD, and download the recordings and/or clips to your local client computer.  This can be done by clicking to the item you would like to download.

3) Open the DVD Burning Helper using the icon on your desktop, and you should see something like the picture below.

4) Click the Settings button to make sure that the app is set the way that you want.

  • Video Format: NTSC or PAL (users in the US will want to select NTSC).
  • Disc Type: Video or Data
  • Temporary Folder:  If you don't specify a location, it will just use the designated Windows temp directory for the Windows user.

Don't forget to Save when you are done.

5) Click the Add Files button to add the content that you downloaded previously.

NOTE: You can change the order that will be used for the content being burned by dragging.

6) Insert a blank DVD into the Burn Device specified and wait for it to be recognized by the DVD Burn Helper.

7) Click the Burn DVD button.
NOTE:  The amount of time that this takes will depend on the speed of the client computer, the amount of content being burned, and the disc type being burned.

Build to ISO: This button will create an ISO file (a disc image) from the recordings in the list.


Additional Notes:

If the DVD burn fails, you will be presented with a message and a link to the log file.  Please make sure that you save this information before contacting SnapStream Support.


DVD Burning

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