Best practices for third-party encoders

SnapStream Cloud supports direct capture from third-party encoders. For best results, the encoding profile should meet the following parameters:

File container: MPEG-2 Transport Stream or MPEG-4

Video format: H.264

Audio format: AAC (Low Complexity as High Efficiency has issues with social media)

AVC preset: Main or Baseline

GOP size: between .3 and 1 seconds (usually between 10 and 30 frames)

B-frames: Disabled

Bitrate: Between 2 and 5 Mbps recommended for most applications; up to 8Mbps for broadcast applications. Lower and higher bitrates are also supported.

Resolution: Any

Framerate: Any

Interlacing: Disabled

IPTV transport: RTMP recommended; for a full list of supported options, see IPTV Formats for SnapStream Cloud

Note: SnapStream Cloud allows for the creation of any number of RTMP endpoints, on the RTMP page of the UI. How different encoders best handle the endpoint addresses can vary; see RTMP Example Configurations for tips on entering the RTMP URL into your encoder settings. 

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