Buffering during playback of recordings

Issue or Problem:

During playback of a recording, you might see a spinning wheel and the recording either not playing or temporarily pausing.


The Web UI player is buffering due to slow network/internet speed from your client computer to the SnapStream server. A recording that is a higher bitrate (Mbps) than your download speed will cause buffering.


In version 9.2 of our SnapStream software, we added the ability to check the speed between your client browser system that's accessing the Web UI and the SnapStream DVR server (cloud or on-premise). You simply point your browser to https://servername/speedtest (or http://servername/speedtest if not using SSL), where servername is the URL of your SnapStream system, and click the Start button.

You'll see the test run and when it's done, the system will provide test results similar to the below image.

  • Download: This is the average rate (during the test duration) of Mb per second from the server to your browser. The greater this is, the less buffering you'll have.
  • Upload: This is the average rate of Mb per second from the browser system to the server.
  • Ping: This is the number of milliseconds the server took to reply to your browser system's ping request. A smaller number here is better.
  • Jitter: This is a measure of the irregular fluctuations in data transfer. Some jitter is expected and acceptable but a smaller number here is better.

If you're having slow download speeds, you can provide these test results to your organization's network administrator.

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