How to add Live TV to MultiViewer


How do I use Multiviewer?


MutliViewer is a fairly simple tool to use if you or any of your employees would like to view multiple channels (up to 4) at the same time. In order to do this head over to the Guide section in your SnapStream WebUI. 

Select the preferred channels you would like view, right-click on that channel and select Add to MultiViewer. (Note: This can also be done by right clicking on the program as well).


When a channel is added to MultiViewer a status bar will appear below the Guide

In this case, I have selected 2 of 4 channels to be in MultiViewer

Once the desired number of channels is selected go ahead and click the Play icon just to the right of that status bar.

Depending on the number of channels, your MultiViewer will look similar to this.


Users will still be able to clip, share, rewind, and do other tasks normally like in the individual web player.


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