Setting up Amazon FireTV Stick with SnapStream

This article includes instructions for setting up the SnapStream app on the Amazon FireTV stick. NOTE: you will need access to a SnapStream system (either on-prem or Cloud) in order to use the app.


  1. Connect your FireTV Stick to power and your TV

  2. Hit Play to start. Select the language and connect to a wireless network

  3. Sign in to your Amazon account

  4. Click through the Amazon options. Set Parental Controls to OFF.

  5. Perform remote setup. Continue through the FireTV intro and settings. 

  6. Go to Settings=> My FireTV=> Developer Options

  7. Set "Apps from unknown sources" to ON

  8. Go to Apps=> Utilities and select Downloader

  9. Install Downloader and open. 

  10. Enter this url into Downloader: The SnapStream app should download and install automatically. 

  11. Open the SnapStream app. You should see a PIN. This will be used to pair your FireTV stick to your SnapStream system. 

  12. On your computer or phone, open the SnapStream web interface

  13. Navigate to Admin -> Actions -> View Set-Top Boxes -> Add Set-Top Box

  14. Enter the PIN from your FireTV Stick to pair it. The SnapStream app should connect automatically and show the SnapStream Library. (If necessary, it may also perform an update to the app. This should complete automatically.)

  15. This FireTV Stick should remain paired to the SnapStream server until it is removed via the SnapStream web interface
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