Disabling/Enabling Tuners.

There may come a time when a channel a tuner is assigned to may be acting up or the tuner itself is acting strange and might affect the end user's work.

These steps will help determine which tuner is acting up and how to disable it.

We can identify which tuner is acting up by going to the recording/live tv session and selecting Watch Recording or Watch Live TV and pressing F2. A detailed recording prompt will pop up and show information such as the Tuner Machine and Tuner Name. In this case, we want to take a look at the Tuner Name.


For this example case, let's say Tuner #2 is in charge of a recording but is experiencing difficulties. The name of it is #2.

From the SnapStream, WebUI navigate to the Admin tab


From the Admin page, select the Tuners section at the bottom left.



Find the tuner with the matching name, select it, select more actions and click Disable Tuners

To enable the tuner again, simply select Enable Tuners.

(Note: Multiple tuners can be selected at once and can be disabled/enabled at once.)






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