How to send a channel change command for an In-Progress Recording on the wrong channel

You may come across an In-Progress recording that is showing the wrong channel. For example, SnapStream says it is recording CNN but the web player is showing FNC. In order to resolve this issue, you will need to follow these steps to send a channel change command to the cable/satellite box.

Prerequisites: You will need to have External Tuning Configured.

1) Identify the tuner that is recording the wrong channel. You easily identify the tuner by going to the In-Progress recording and pressing F2 on your keyboard or FN+F2 on a MAC. The prompt with the Tuner Name info will appear. 


You can also head to Schedule-->Current and click on the Display Recording Diagnostic Info to get information about which Tuner is currently recording.


2) You will then need to access the encoder. Since the example info above shows tuner #3, it will most likely correspond with Stream #3 of the first encoder. Once you have access to the encoder (you can either remote to the encoder or enter the IP address through the browser) login using the default administrator credentials and head to streams.

2.1) Identifying tuners with streams.

Depending on how your stream settings are configured you have different options on how to identify the tuner to a stream

The tuner number often corresponds with stream numbers. Each encoder can only hold 4 streams and are sometimes labeled 1-4 for Encoder 1, 5-8 for Encoder 2, etc.

Multiple encoders can also have streams labeled 1-4. If that is the case, take a look at the tuner number, if you want to access tuner #6's stream then it will most likely be Stream #2 on Encoder 2.

A)Identify via RTMP

Another way to match the tuner to streams is by comparing the RTMP address. This can be done by going to Admin--> Tuners--> Edit your selected Tuner and looking at the source URL and comparing it with the Stream URL when clicking on the edit icon for the stream(s). (I would pay attention to the last couple of characters and make sure they match).


B) Identify via Port

If you are using a different transport type instead of RTMP you can compare the Port numbers on tuner settings and stream settings.  




3) Once on the streams page, select the edit icon. In this case, it would be Stream 3.


4) Scroll down until you see the Blast UIRT Commands/Blast UIRT Commands By Digit Buttons. I would recommend having the In-Progress Recording open so you can visually see the channel tune. (Note: There is a delay between the command sent and when it shows on the web player).


4.1) Blasting UIRT Commands

Type in the channel number and select Tune


4.2 Blasting UIRT Commands By Digit

This essentially works like a remote where you can click on the numbers and press enter. (Note: Some buttons may not currently work).


5) You have successfully blasted a channel change command without needing to use a remote.

If you do not see the command go through, further troubleshooting may be required and may need to contact SnapStream Support.

The methods in this guide does not apply to everyone, as setups may differ. If your configuration does not match the info above please contact support




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