How to add Google SSO on SnapStream

Head to the Google Admin console (

From the home page, navigate to Apps > SAML Apps


At the bottom right, click the plus sign and select "SETUP MY OWN CUSTOM APP"


Select Option 2 and download the IDP Metadata 


Upload the IDP Metadata onto SnapStream. The page can be located in the Admin > Security > Config section.

The required fields should auto-populate once the upload has finished


Once that is done, head back to Google and enter the ACS and Entity ID. The ACS URL should be already provided in the SnapStream SAML configuration page and copy the SAML Issuer info and copy it onto the Entity ID field.


Next, map the following attributes.

Note: If you do not have Cost Center configured but have Department configured you can use that instead.


Next head back to your SnapStream page and navigate to Admin > Security Groups

Select the group you would want to edit and enter the SAML name group exactly as it appears in the Linked SAML groups field. Click Save.



Once that is done, test logging in via SSO


If you do experience errors, feel free to call or email SnapStream Support.


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